Works between any two chains


Provides a bridge in a decentralized way

How ViteBridge Works

  • 1. Smart Contract Wallet: A decentralized wallet manages assets and signs transactions on the remote chain. A consensus group of nodes co-own the wallet’s private key.
  • 2. Relay: Observes and reports transactions on the remote chain, forwards signatures on the Vite chain to the remote chain. The relay must bond assets on the remote chain as collateral.
  • 3. Mint Contract: Responsible for minting/burning of assets that get bridged to the Vite chain.
how the bridge works

ViteBridge Use Cases

Cross-Chain DeFi

Allow assets to move from one chain to another to participate in yield-farming opportunities offered by different ecosystems.

Cross-Chain Trading

Enable convenient and secure trading of digital assets issued on different blockchains.

Cross-Chain NFTs

Easily move digital collectibles between chains to experience different NFT DApps.