Token Distribution

  • Coin: VITE
  • Issuance Date: June 15, 2018
  • Initial Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Use Case

Get Quota

In the Vite network, users can lock VITE to obtain Quota. Quota is then consumed to pay for transactions. The consumed Quota will replenish over time as long as VITE remains locked in the system. The locked VITE can be redeemed at no loss.

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Stake as Mining

On the ViteX exchange, users can mine platform token VX by staking VITE. Staked VITE coins can be retrieved in three days and is locked for seven days before coins credited to each user's account. Please note that there are no rewards during the retrieval time mentioned above.

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Vote for an SBP

The super nodes in the Vite network are called Snapshot Block Producers, aka SBPs. Users can use the unlocked VITE to vote for the SBPs. Some, not all, SBPs share their block rewards with the voters.

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How to Get VITE Coin

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Become a Snapshot Block Producer (SBP)

Stake 1 million VITE to become an SBP and earn SBP Rewards.
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Run a full node and share the daily Full Node Rewards.

Run a full node and share the daily Full Node Rewards.
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Vote for SBP

VITE holders can vote for an SBP and enjoy voting rewards. View the latest SBP list distributing voting rewards on our Vite forum or contact our community managers for more information.
How to Vote