High-Performance Decentralized Platform
High Performance
DAG Ledger and Asynchronous Architecture ensure fast and ultra-high throughput of Vite platform
The Snapshot chain technology introduced by Vite is meant to address inherent secure deficiency of DAG structure
Vite Ecosystem provides services of Contract Scheduling and Upgrading, Naming Services, Solidity++, all of these features are tremendously improving the usability of this platform
Vite platform has no transaction fees. Trading only consume quotas which can be acquired by running PoW
Introducing HDPoS consensus algorithm as well as supporting cross-chain gateway and smart contracts to achieve further scalability
High Performance
DAG Ledger
Asynchronous Architecture
Multi-Token Model
Snapshot Chain
Powerful Economic Model
Quota-Based Model
Feeless Transactions
Built-in DEX
Cross-Chain Gateway
HDPoS Consensus
Smart Contracts
Naming Services
Contract Scheduling
Contract Upgrades
SBP number reaches 36
Vite full nodes reach 1460
Multi-Token Wallet
Zero Transaction Fees
Transaction consumes quota which can be acquired by running PoW for free
Ultra-Fast Trading
Asynchronous Architecture, Smooth Trading
HD Wallet Structure
Support Multiple Tokens, Easy to Manage
Acquire Rewards via Voting
Voting for Supernodes, Collect VITE Rewards
Earn VITE via Airdrop
Achieve App daily check-in, Earn free VITE via Airdrop
dApp Games
Cracking the High Roller Game, Collect VITE during Entertainment
Decentralized Digital Assets Trading Platform
True Decentralization, Secure Asset Management
Achieve transaction matching through smart contract driven dividend distribution. Complete on-chain order matching, order book storage. Private keys are stored locally, only yourself have access to the private key and your assets.
High-Performance Public Chain, Better Trading Experience
High transaction throughput, confirmation within seconds, zero transaction fees. Trading experience rivaling that of centralized exchanges
VX holder collects dividends
Multiple ways to mine exchange coins VX, via trading, staking and listing
Embrace the Community, Super Quick Token Issance
Token forging, gateway creation, coin listing, and order book information are completely transparent
Secure, Convenient, Low-Cost Payment
Instant Confirmation, Support Industrial-Strength Requests
DAG chain and asynchronous architecture introduced by Vite public chain ensure that the confirmation can be done within seconds. This architecture is able to hold billions of transactions and high-performance concurrent requests.
On-Chain Order Information, Secure Payment
Order books are stored on decentralized public chain, totally open, transparent, unforgeable. Users can enjoy excellent trading experience.
Zero Transaction Fees, Staking Accelerates Trading
Transactions on the Vite chain do not consume gas like those on Ethereum, but another resource referred to as “quota.” Low-frequency traders can reach this quota by running a PoW on the local device. Meanwhile, to accommodate high-frequency usage, traders will need to stake VITE in order to obtain the required quota.